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Special Olympics European Youth Games

Later this year, Emily Davies will be performing with Bob Hoskins in his latest film. Along with team mates David Dinham, Shaun Roberts and Amy Kaighin, Emily is focused on winning a gold medal with the bowling team, adding to the silver won in Hockey in Japan. During and in between the games breaks will be taken to do stretching, warming up, cooling down and basic carpal tunnel exercises. David wasn't able to get a medal earlier this year, but finished fourth in equestrian competition at the Austrian Summer Games. Fifteen year-old Sean Roberts, a student at Ramsey Grammar Schools, will be getting his first taste of a major competition, compared to the most experienced member of the team, Amy Kaighin. She's determined to add another gold medal to the one she's already won for Swimming in the World Summer Games in Ireland in 2004. Barry Dulson, working official of the Special Olympics game, will accompany them.

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