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Special Olympics European Youth Games

What is Intellectual Disability?

To a person with an intellectual disability, daily tasks such as handling money or writing letters can be difficult. That these tasks are impossible, they might just take a little more time to learn.

According to the World Health Organisation, three percent of the world's population have some kind of intellectual disability. That's as many as 190 million people. This is the largest disability group in the world.

Intellectual disability can occur in any race, level of education or economic background. The types range of mild to profound.

A person with a profound disability may be unable to learn basic skills, such as walking or speaking, and will probably need quite a bit of care. A person witha milder disability can manage many normal activities given extra time and guidance. More than half of peole with an intellectual disability are affected this way.

People with intellectual disabilites are all around you and are a valuable part of your community. These people are having kids, working, playing sports and making friends, and they need support to achieve their dreams and goals, just like everyone else.



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